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Compassion when it's needed most

CALEB'S CORNER is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity. Our vision is to foster sustainable healthcare and educational centers in impoverished communities, primarily in regions of Ghana where access to basic facilities is absent.

5K Group Photo!
5K Group Photo!

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Ghana Health Fair
Ghana Health Fair

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Caleb's Corner Charities
Caleb's Corner Charities

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5K Group Photo!
5K Group Photo!

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Ways We Help

Meaningful Work

Birth Clinics

Basic supplies save lives. Even just providing latex gloves has huge impact!

Image by Minnie Zhou

Building Libraries

From the ground up.

Library Construction 2.jpg

Health Fairs and Awareness

Small contributions to population health can have a big impact on individual lives.

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Charity News

Caleb's Corner Charities has been involved in health and wellness initiatives in Ghana, with fundraising (and morale-building!) based in the US. Read more below!


Calebs Corner 5K: Canceled in 2020, BACK in 2021!

After 5 years of successful 5K fundraisers, we've put the 2020 run on hold due to COVID. We've gotten so much feedback: we were missed! We'll be back in 2021 :)


Meet Afua: Caleb's Corner Charities' Founder!

On our left!

Library Construction 2.jpg

From Dream to Reality: We've Broken Ground!

Check out the status of our library construction in Ghana! It's HAPPENING!


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